I have finally built my own catapult. It is based on the design popular around 100 A.D.

Some say: "Why build a catapult?"
To those nattering nabobs of negativity, I say: "Why not? You never know when you will be attacked by a tiny castle! I would rather have a catapult and not need it than need a catapult and not have one!"

The base section is 8 inches long by 6 inches wide. The throwing arm is 8 and a half inches long. Most of the wood sections are 1 inch by 1 inch pine. The joints are bonded with "Gorilla Glue".

The wood still needs to be stained. I will be doing some ballistic experiments with the device after the staining is complete.

Bernie's first catapult
Oblique Side View

Top View - throwing arm set

Top View - throwing arm fired

Once one makes a catapult, what is next?

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