Aerobic Pulse Rate Calculator

Classic Version

Maximum Heart Rate: bpm (beats in 15 sec.)
Lower Range (65% of max): bpm (beats in 15 sec.)
Upper Range (85% of max): bpm (beats in 15 sec.)

Ball State Version

Corrects for under prediction of MHR for older people, and over prediction for younger persons.
Maximum Heart Rate:
Higher Range (65% of max):
Lower Range (85% of max):

Slightly More Advanced Version

Uses age value from above calculator
Resting Heart Rate: bpm
Low End:bpm
Fitness Maniac:bpm

Aerobic Exercise:

Long duration low intensity exercise maintaining 65 to 85% of your maximum heart rate. Walking, biking, jogging, swimming, cross-country skiing, etc. Aerobic means with air. You should be able to carry on a short conversation while doing aerobic exericse.

Anaerobic Exercise:

Short duration high intensity. Racquetball, downhill skiing (with or without the bouncing . . .), weight lifting, sprinting, football, medicine ball juggling, etc.

Some Terms

Pulse Rate Zones - Detailed Version

Name% of MHRPurpose
Moderate Activity50 to 60%Very low stress, with fat burning. This pace helps build endurance and speed. A 60 minute walk (at a moderate pace), would fall into this category.
Weight Management60 to 70%This rate helps strengthen the heart and burn fat.
Aerobic70 to 80%Benefits heart AND the respiratory system. This is the "standard" training zone.
Anaerobic80 to 90%Increases your body's ability to metabolize lactic acid, allowing you to train harder.
Red-Line90 to 100%You will want to read a lot more than this web page, before exercising in this area!

NOTE: Most of the information on this web page came from "The Heart Rate Monitor Book" by Sally Edwards.

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