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I played around with learning the basics of guitar between 2005 and 2007. I wasn't studying with any intensity, just having fun.

Why did I suddenly decide to learn the guitar? Who knows? I figured that worse case scenario, if I didn't enjoy it, I donate the Guitar to charity and pretend that it never happened.

While I learned to play the basic chords, I chose not to. I have always liked guitar solos that use the individual notes and keep the purity of the original composition. For the first few days with the guitar, I tried guitar tabs, but I decided that it would be easier to learn to read music so that I could get some nice sheet music and have some fun. It did not take all that long to learn to read the notes.

Two links follow for any interested in hearing how I was doing, as of 06/14/2007.

Something a little classical


I haven't really done much with the guitar in the last year or two, but you never know! Something tells me I be playing the guitar again soon.

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