Audio Books, some in foreign languages. Read by volunteers, public domain texts. The one issue is that the readers are amateurs. They aren't paid and some of them are less than ideal readers. This should not be taken as criticism, because I LOVE free!

Audio Books. These are released by their authors to gain notice. You can donate, if you want to, but there is NO requirement to do so. There are some treasures to be found here.

Tunein Channels and Stations has audiobooks channels. As of December of 2013, there were 67 shows and 9 stations.
A channel sampling includes:
  • Radio Reader
  • LibriVox
  • Slate's Audio Book Club Podcast
  • Chapter A Day
  • Olt Time Western Radio
  • Wily Writers Speculative Fiction Audio Stories
Stations include:
  • KART Kids Radio One
  • alltime Oldies - The Radio book channel
  • My Audiobooks Radio
  • Audio Book Radio (The Audio Book Magazine Network)
There are a few Russian stations as well.

British Library - Turning The Pages
Ancient classics that you can actually turn the pages

Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online.
Complete publications, private papers, manuscripts, and supplementary works.

Free Library
You will need to wade through this one yourself. Lots of stuff.

Google Scanned Books
According to wikipedia:
2010 Google estimated that there are about 130 million unique books in the world (129,864,880 to be exact). On October 14, 2010 Google announced that the number of scanned books is over 15 million. Most scanned works are no longer in print or commercially available.
The above link takes you to advanced search. I prefer to immediately select "Full view only" and select whatever language I am working with at the moment. The "Full view only" option makes sure that only books that can be completely downloaded and read for free are shown.

Internet Archive
As of 06/08/2010, there were about
2,326,396 texts,
285,346 movies and moving images,
78,794 concert recordings,
and 556,310 audio recordings.

This site is well worth investing some serious time to explore it. I have a blog posting that gives some special areas worth checking out on this wonderful site.

Internet Sacred Text Archive
"...books about religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric on the Internet. The site is dedicated to religious tolerance and scholarship, and has the largest readership of any similar site on the web."

Wonderfully organized with a broad selection of books. This is a site that you will just keep going back to!
A Spanish site with lots of public domain books, in Spanish.
" es una biblioteca en Español de libros GRATUITOS.
Contamos con más de 11,000 títulos, 1,000 autores de 60 diferentes nacionalidades y seguimos creciendo.
Cada semana agregamos NUEVOS libros INÉDITOS"

Occult Underground

Free Resources on the Esoteric, Magick, Metaphysics and the Paranormal
Usually, the occult folks tend to be a tad bit eclectic in their presentation. This site is well organized and clearly describes the different areas of exploration.

Poem Hunter
Poems. Lots of poems.

Project Gutenberg

Go To Project Gutenberg

30,000 books
"For the most part, the original on the materials distributed by Project Gutenberg has expired. This means that most of the books on the discs are at least 80+ years old..."

Projekt Gutenberg - Germany
If you read German, give it a shot. Someday I hope my German is good enough to browse this site.

Space Westerns
Pulp digest style short stories.

Comic Book Plus
A fantastic site packed full of public domain comics. A sample includes;
Amazing Adventures, Buster Crabbe, Amazing Stries, Atom Age Combat, Commander Battle and the Atomic Sub, Lars of Mars, Lost Worlds, and lots more! Why are you still reading? Get going!

The Pulp Magazines Project
An archive of all-fiction pulpwood magazines from 1896-1946. The magazines can be downloaded as PDFs or read online as a FlipBook.

This site is AMAZING! Magazine Rack
List of magazines available and there are some great ones! Some highlights include;

Ares Magazine, Blender Art Magazine, Crazy Magazine, Galaxy Magazine, Games(tm) Magazine, Heavy Metal Magazine, Interesting Times Magazine, Meccano Magazine, National Locksmith, OMNI Magazine, Red Dwarf Smegazine, Scientific American (1845-1909), Sinkadus Role Playing Magazine, Starlog Magazine, The General Magazine, Space Gamer Magazine (Wargames), The Strand Magazine.

Create your own pulp covers! The customizable pulp magazine cover generator for custom web graphic memes, posters, fliers, coffee mugs, and sundry merchandise.

Comic Books Archive - The Online Library
A lot of older comics in .CBR format. To read these, you will need a program that reads CBR format. The best options are for a copy of comical, a free reader that is well known and popular. Comix is a great version for Linux computers. (Classic Horror)
Dagon Bytes H.P. Lovecraft section.
Dagon Bytes Classic Horror Collections.

Cthulhu Chick (H.P. Lovecraft Collection)
Cthulhu Chick. A librarian who compiled the Gutenberg version quite nicely. I recommend this one! Kindle, Nook, and EPUB are covered!

Cienca Ficción
Quality graphic short stories.

Desarrollo Videojuegos
An entire course on video game programming is Spanish.

A wonderful collection of new original science fictions stories. This is the stie to watch for raw new writing talent in spanish sci-fi!

Una colección de ciencia ficción muy guapa. Nuevo escritores con cuentos nuevo. Hay un sitio a mirar!

Magnus Dagon
Look around for "Los Caidos". At the moment, 4/19/2013, the links are in the lower right corner. Scroll down. Good stuff!

Escape Pod
Scifi podcasts. Audio stories.

Scifi podcasts. Audio stories.

Mercury Theatre on the Air
"The finest radio darma of the 1930's..."
Radio drama classics. There is a catch. Most recordings have an MP3 option. This is a wonderful site.

Library of Congress - American Memory
If you love history, do NOT miss this site!

Library of Congress - Digital Collections & Services
Access to print, pictorial and audio-visual collections and other digital services

British Online "Turning the Pages" Gallery
This is an interesting site. While there are not many items, the few that exist are interesting. You can actually "turn" the ancient scrolls and the pages of medeval books. The presentation on this site is innovative and interesting.


The simple index link is:

The pimped up index link is:

Until recently, 12/09/2011, I never even thought about online movie scripts. Then someone mentioned that the orginal draft of the latest Indiana Jones movie was available online. Why would I want the script to that piece of crap? Because this is the version before Lucas decided to suck all of the life out of the story! There are lots of versions of movies available on the internet. It can be quite an education!

Cylinder Preservation and Digitation Project
University of California, Santa Barbara
Thousands of cylinders, the precursors to records.

Internet Archive
As of 06/24/2011, there were about 2,858,277 texts, 909,884 audio files, 93,786 Live Music recordings

MUSOPEN Completely FREE music without restrictions! You can use it in your personal or commercial projects and pay nothing. The music is classical an performed by professionals. You can download the music one piece at a time or, if you look around, there is even a link to download the entire 8 GB collection as a DVD iso file.

You have a video that needs music? Use this site! They have some free sheet music as well. There is even a streaming random selection of music in case you just want to listen.

Calibre e-book management software
If I had only one program that could handle e-books, this would be the one that I would want. It is the Swiss army knife of e-books. Good for cataloging and converting between formats, pretty much ALL of them! You can also read the books on the computer using this software. Updated often so your e-book reader will handle one of its many file formats.

Microsoft Reader
This is a product created by Microsoft to compete with Adobe Reader. It is, in many ways, better than the Adobe product. It is a proprietary format, but there are now programs for converting to and from this format. It is worth having this program on your computer.

Kindle Reader Software
Amazon software for reading books in the Kindle format. You can also download books, for a fee from Amazon.

If I don't have my Kindle with me, I just go to Once you log in there, your online Amazon library is available.

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