Can the income of the movie industry keep in step with the price for blow and hookers? If that's not the case, then clearly the pirates are dooming Hollywood to failure. - Ninh ( user)


People communicate in different ways. Some people paint while others write while others sing. This is my personal soapbox that I occasionally jump on and howl at the world. The world doesn't really listen, but that's okay because I don't really listen to it very much either.

Stand Against Sharia!

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Sharia laws, rape, murder... Religion of peace? Only the dead have seen the end of war...

I prefer to live and let live. There comes a time when a one must choose sides.

I choose to stand against Islam.

I choose to stand against Sharia.

I choose to stand against gang rape.

I choose to stand for the constitution of the United States and the rights it enumerates.

I choose to stand for freedom and against 7th century barbarians.

I've chosen my side, have you chosen yours?

On 1/20/2017, we began the Age of Trump. Let the fun begin.

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